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How Much Do You Know About Wiegand Sensors?

May. 10, 2018

Wiegand effect function as a hub generator in numerous programs. The detector requires no outside power source and contains no moving components. Instead, it exploits the properties of a small diameter cable invented by John Wiegand.When a magnetic field alters the magnetic condition of the Wiegand cable within the detector, a significant output pulse is generated that may be utilized as an energy supply in an energy self-improvement revolution counter.Wiegand sensor goods from POSITAL reveal the understanding from a complete decade of expertise using Wiegand outcome foundation revolution counters. The high performace detectors are constructed using SMD mounting technologies and may be used for revolution counters in total rotary encoders in addition to in different programs, e.g. gas or water meters.BenefitsNo external power needed -- No batteriesLonger lifespana

Wiegand Effect

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