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Nanjing, since 1980, the first magnetic Hall IC which independent researched and developed in China was born in the city, with the China's reform and opening and economic development, and the special technology innovation and talent grown-up, hundreds of millions of magnetic sensors walk up to the world from here.

In May 2003, several Chinese senior experts in magnetic sensors field jointly invest to establish "Nanjing AH Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd" by themselves' technology and market advantages. The company is specialized in researching and developing, designing and manufacturing and selling Hall IC, Zero power consumption sensor and their application products. The management philosophy of our company is "Science, Development, Service", our company applies itself in researching and manufacturing the sensors which owns China's independent intellectual property rights.


Nanjing AH Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd relies on its advanced technology strength, rich industrial experiences and veracious market visibility, it established abroad strategic cooperation relations with  professional manufacturers of IC designing, manufacturing, package and testing in the United States and Taiwan and home, and the company all along exerts advanced designing and manufacture technology to ensure the product and technology in the highest flight, and ensure the coherence and reliability and stability of the products.

The products of "Nanjing AH Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd " includes AH series unipolar Hall switch IC, AH series bipolar Hall IC, AH series latch Hall switch IC, AH series linear Hall IC, WG series zero power consumption magnetic sensor, and all kinds of customized products etc.

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