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Wiegand Effect Principle

May. 08, 2018

The Wiegand sensor technologies utilizes the distinctive magnetic land of specially processed, little ferromagnetic wire. John Wiegand found a means to induce the magnetic field of the especially processed cable to abruptly reverse. Wiegand effect principleImplementing a reverse area switches the heart's polarity, making a huge voltage spike.Since the inverse area continues to rise, the casing finally exerts polarity, giving rise to a smaller heartbeat in exactly the exact same direction.After saturating the Wiegand cable the opposite area is removed.Implementing a magnetic field with the first polarity of the cable switches the heart once again creating a huge bulge in the opposite way.Boost of the eternal area will even change shell polarity. The cable is straight back in the first state and a complete cycle finished.

Wiegand Sensor

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