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Introduction of Flow Meter Sensor

May. 15, 2018

The air flow sensor is a sensor that measures the flow of air drawn into the engine. Electronically Controlled Gasoline Injection a flow sensor system is required to measure the amount of air taken into the engine at each moment in order to obtain the optimum concentration of the mixture in all operating conditions. The main basis. If the air flow sensor or the line fails, the ECU cannot obtain the correct intake air quantity signal, and the control of the fuel injection amount cannot be normally performed, resulting in the mixture being too rich or too lean and causing the engine to operate abnormally.

Flow Sensors

Verification procedures and flow meter standards are the guarantee that the flow sensor can accurately measure. In many areas, the accurate measurement of traffic is very important, and it is widely used in the economic field, such as: environmental monitoring, health care, security protection, and trade settlement.

Features of flow sensors: Small size, light weight, intuitive and clear display readings. High reliability, unaffected by external power supply, lightning strike resistance.

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