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Hall Switch
Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144
  • Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144
  • Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144
  • Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144
Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144

Unipolar Type Hall Sensor AH3144

    ◆ 3144 Hall Sensor Features

    Rated working voltage 4.5 V ~ 24 V, the limit voltages as low as 3.5 V;

    Hall Sensor Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ 150℃;

    Hall Sensor Rated output current(sink) : 25 mA, the maximum output current(sink): 50 mA;

    Hall Sensor Switch response time is about 1μs, the operating frequency DC ~ 100 kHz;

    Hall Sensor Small temperature drift between operating point and release point;

    Hall Sensor There are variety of packages and out packing options;

    Hall Sensor No mechanical contact, no spark, switch signal stability, no shaking moment, high reliability and safety;

    Hall Sensor Products meet the EU RoHS instruction 2011/65 / EU and REACH regulations 1907/2006 / EU requirements.


3144 Hall Effect sensor Outline

When the “S” pole of magnet faces the mark surface of the sensor and is closed to sensor (B≥Bop),the sensor outputs low level; When magnet is far from sensor(B≤ BRP),the sensor outputs high level. When the “N” pole faces the mark surface,the sensor is no response. Stable Hysteresis((BH= |BOP- BRP|)ensure the Stable sensor’s switch status. The magnet and electric transfer characteristic curve is shown as the figure:


3144 Hall Effect Block Diagram


Hall sensor AH3144 is one of unipolar excitation single-ended digital output Hall IC. The sensor chip has built-in reverse voltage protection, voltage regulators, temperature compensation circuit, Hall-voltage generator, signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger and open collector output driver circuit unit etc. Excellent voltage regulator and temperature compensation circuit ensure the sensor stable operates over a wide voltage range and temperature range, and the reverse voltage protection circuit avoids the sensor to be damaged by reverse voltage.

3144 Hall Effect Limit Parameter

Storage Temp.Ts-55175
Supply VoltageVCC3.528V
Output Cut-off VoltageVO(off)25V
Magnetic InductionBunlimitedunlimitedmT
Output CurrentIO50mA

3144 Hall Effect Electrostatic Grade

Under human being mode, the Electrostatic compression is large than ±6kV.

3144 Hall Effect Operating Condition

Supply VoltageVCC4.524V
Operating Temp.Ta-40150
Output CurrentIO5mA

3144 Hall Effect Electrical Characteristc

ParamaterSymbolTest    ConditionTyp.MaxUnit
Output Low LevelVOLVCC1=4.5, VCC2=24V, IO=25mA,BBOP0.20.4V
Output High LevelVOHVCC1=4.5, VCC2=24V, IO=25mA,BBRP23.524V
Output Leakage CurrentIOHVCC2=24V,VCC1    Open circuit0.110μA
Supply CurrentICCVCC1=24V,Vo Open circuit3.58mA
Output Rise Edge TimetRVCC1=VCC2=12V,
     RL=1.2kΩ,    CL=20pF
Output Fall Edge TimetF6080ns

3144 Hall Effect Magnetic Characteristic

Test condition:VCC1 = VCC2 =24V,IO = 50mA

Operate PointBOP25
Release PointBRP3
     ︱Operate point-Release point︱

Note 2: When the “S” Pole of the magnetic field is vertical to the front mark of product, we call the magnetic field B>0.Note 1: Unit is mT, 1mT=10Gs.

3144 Hall Effect Package Ourline

SOT23-3L(M type)Package figure(Unit: mm)


SOT89-3L(S type)Package figure(Unit: mm)


TO-92UA/TO-92S(UA type)Package figure(Unit: mm)


Note: In the above package outline figure, Pin1: Vcc, Pin2: GND, Pin3: Output terminal.


Mark “XX” or “AHXX” are abbreviation form of the parts No., the second line”XXXX”means product lot No.

Appropriate for Automotive as well as Industrial Applications.

Keep in mind: To recognize why these specifications are very important read even more. Additionally the A3144 hall effect sensor datasheet can be located at the bottom of the page.

Where to make use of hall-effect sensor:.

A hall-effect sensor as then name suggests works with the concept of hall-effect as well as is utilized to discover magnets. Each side of the sensor can detect one particular pole. It can also be conveniently interfaced with a microcontroller because it works on transistor reasoning.

So if you are looking for a sensor to detect magnet for gauging speed of a relocating object or simply to find items then this sensor might be the ideal option for your task.

Just how to make use of Hall-effect sensor:.

There are two major kinds of hall-effect sensor, one which gives an analog result and the other which gives a digital result. A3144 is a digital output hall sensor, indicating if it discovers a magnet the outcome will certainly go reduced else the output will stay high. It is likewise necessary to make use of a pull-up resistor as revealed listed below to maintain the outcome high when no magnet is discovered.

The A3144 is an integrated Hall effect non-latching sensor. Holding a magnet near the sensor will trigger the outcome pin to toggle. This makes for a robust visibility sensor. A reed sensor also works nicely, but can be restricted by the glass encapsulation and size.

3144 Hall Effect Applications:.

Utilized to identify magnets( objects) in automation systems.

Used in magnetic door security system.

Procedure rate in autos.

Discover the pole of magnets in BLDC electric motor.

3144 Hall Effect: https://www.ahest.net/uploadfile/2017/0901/20170901031146831.pdf

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