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Wide Application of Zero Power Consumption Magnetic Sensor

Oct 27, 2017

The zero power consumption magnetic sensor is used for position inquiry, and the same size magnetic sensor provides a greater switching distance than an inductive sensor. Non-ferrous metal walls and aluminum walls do not affect their switching performance. This vibration-resistant sensor can be installed on the side or front use. The magnet can be flush mounted in the steel material and sensing the north and south poles. The zero power consumption magnetic sensor provides the best sensor model for each cylinder type. The main application areas: check the pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder piston position.

Zero power consumption magnetic sensor with non-contact, no wear mode of operation, to protect a longer service life. Due to the small size of the structure and save the installation space.

Zero power consumption magnetic sensor products

More miniature structures, larger switching distances are available for larger-acting zero power consumption magnetic sensor. Zero power consumption magnetic sensors are ideal for applications such as robotic gauges. Because such applications require components to be lightweight, with small footprint and high switching accuracy.

At the same time, zero power consumption magnetic sensor fully meet the industrial requirements, and has a dirt-resistant characteristics. Since the magnetic field can penetrate many non-magnetizable materials, it is also possible to inquire the position through the container or pipe. You can even detect encoders with magnets. Target recognition by non-magnetizable material. The use of compact sensors and small magnets to create the best installation conditions.

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