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Application of Zero Power Consumption Sensor

Oct 31, 2017

Rotation count:Smart water meter, heat meter, gas meter, fuel gauge, flow meter, odometer etc.

Position detection: oil depot level detection, tipping bucket rain gauge, unattended hydrometeorology monitoring.

Electronic switch: Explosion-proof switch, ignition switch etc.

Application of Zero Power Consumption Sensor

Sensor dimension and sensitive silk location

In the water meter application, the magnetic ring of φ9.5×φ6.0×3.5 mm can be used, it is magnetized in axial direction, a pair of poles. The surface magnetic strength is more than 90 mT, the installation distance from the surface of ring to the bottom of the sensor is about 2.5mm.

Note: the sensor has certain requirements to the magnetic strength, too strong or too weak magnetic field may affect its operation.

If using other material and shape of the magnet, it needs to measure its magnetic field, and adjust the installation distance.

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