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Sensor Classification

Sep 17, 2019

As a Flow Meter Sensor Supplier, let's share with you the classification of sensors.

1: According to its purpose, the sensor can be classified: pressure sensitive and force sensitive sensor \ position sensor \ liquid surface sensor (Water Flow Sensor) \ energy sensor \ speed sensor \ acceleration sensor \ radiation sensor \ thermal sensor

2: According to its principle, the sensor can be classified: vibration sensor, humidity sensor, magnetic sensor, gas sensor, vacuum sensor, biosensor, etc.

3: The sensor can be divided into:

Analog Sensor - Converts the measured non-electrical quantities into analog electrical signals.

Digital Sensor - Converts the measured non-electrical quantities into digital output signals (both direct and indirect).

Switch Sensor - When a measured signal reaches a certain threshold, the sensor outputs a set low or high signal accordingly.

Linear Hall Effect Sensor

Linear Hall Effect Sensor

4: According to the classification of materials, under the influence of external factors, all materials will have corresponding and characteristic reactions. The materials that are most sensitive to external influences, that is, those with functional properties, are used to make sensitive components of the sensor. Sensors can be divided into the following categories from the point of view of the applied materials:

(1) According to the type of materials used: metal, polymer, ceramic, mixture

(2) According to the physical properties of the material: conductor, insulator, semiconductor, magnetic material

(3) According to the crystal structure of the material: single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous material

5: According to its manufacturing process, the sensor can be divided into:

Integrated sensor, thin film sensor, thick film sensor, ceramic sensor

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