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What should I Pay Attention to when Installing the Sensor?

Sep 20, 2019

In today's society, many industries use sensors to detect information, which allows technicians to better research results. What should be paid attention to during installation? Hall Sensor Manufacturer has the following recommendations.

1. When designing and installing, the bottom pressure outlet hole should be considered as much as possible to eliminate the error caused by temperature change and temperature compensation can be introduced if necessary.

2. The secondary instrument should use a smart meter whenever possible, which makes it easy to change the range and achieve temperature compensation.

3. When measuring steam or other high temperature media, the temperature of the sensor should not exceed the limit temperature used by the sensor, and the use temperature of the heat sink is higher than the limit temperature used by the sensor.

Linear Hall Sensor

Linear Hall Sensor

4. The measured media is not allowed to freeze. Otherwise, the sensor element isolation diaphragm will be damaged, causing damage to the sensor. If necessary, the sensor should be temperature protected to prevent freezing.

5. The sensor memory cannot be used for sensors above 36V, causing damage to the Gear Sensor and the inability to hard contact the sensor object, resulting in damage to the diaphragm.

6. When measuring steam or other high temperature media, a heat pipe should be used to connect the sensor to the pipe and transfer it to the transformer using the pressure on the pipe. When the measured medium is water vapor, an appropriate amount of water should be injected into the heat pipe to prevent the superheated steam from directly contacting the sensor and damaging the sensor.

The above is what the sensor needs to pay attention to. If you want to know more about Linear Hall Sensor, please visit our website for understanding.

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