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How to Prevent the Sensor from Getting Wet?

Aug 29, 2019

As a precise detection device, the sensor is troublesome if it is damp. The moisture of the sensor will affect its accuracy and stability, and it will cause serious damage. If the sensor is used in a more important place, the loss will be caused. It is very heavy. In 2008, there was a plane crash caused by the moisture of the sensor. The information obtained by the sensor's moisture was also deviated from the orbit. The aircraft was affected by the sensor error information, and the flight speed and elevation angle were all wrong, which caused the aircraft to lose control. Visible the importance of the sensor moisture, then how to prevent moisture? Hall Sensor Manufacturer to explain to you.

First, the package resistance strain gauge, that is, covered with a waterproof material to the strain gauge;

Second, to control the environment or create a low humidity environment, it is necessary to prevent moisture from entering the sealed load cell;

Linear Hall Sensor

Linear Hall Sensor

Third, it is necessary to ensure a high-quality composite waterproof seal that keeps the components of the sensor unaffected and has minimal permeability throughout the operating temperature. A high quality sensor cable tightly combines the conductor and housing to prevent moisture from entering the interior through the cable core.

Fourth, it is sometimes effective if it is a welded seal, glass and metal cable joints. The moisture resistance of these treated Linear Hall Effect Sensor is guaranteed.

Nowadays, many sensors are also used in the water, so it is necessary to prevent moisture, improve the sealing of the sensor and prevent moisture.

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