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What Should you Consider when Choosing a Linear Hall Sensor?

Aug 20, 2019

How do we choose the Linear Hall Effect Sensor? Usually look at those technical indicators? The role of the sensor is to convert the various measured physical flows into electricity, so whether this function can be achieved is our most concerned. So the question is, should we choose the displacement sensor to start from? As a Flow Meter Sensor Factory, let's share it with you.

First, the sensor is most concerned with sensitivity, so we start with sensitivity, the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to change the acceleration of the surrounding environment. As the acceleration changes, the output voltage also increases, making it easier to measure and more accurate.

Linear Hall Effect Sensor

Linear Hall Effect Sensor

The second concern is the zero point temperature, which is the zero point balance change caused by the change of the ambient temperature. Usually, the change of the zero point balance caused by the temperature change of 10 °C is displayed as a percentage of the rated output, that is, the sensor is not affected. The input at the time of pressure is caused by the temperature change.

The third is bandwidth, what is bandwidth? It refers to the effective frequency band that the Linear Hall Sensor can measure. The technical specifications of the output mode are also considered. The output mode of the sensor is digital output and analog output. The digital output is a digital signal input to the meter, such as quantity, The weight is equal, and the analog output is to input analog signals such as voltage and current to the meter.

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