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Hall Switch Application Examples

Jan. 10, 2018

1. Hall IC brushless DC motor instead of the brush from the current reversal effect, which overcomes the use of brushes caused by noise, easy to wear and tear, short life and other defects.

2. The method of measuring the number of revolutions. The small magnet fixed to the rotating body, the Hall IC will output a pulse for each revolution, using the counter to measure the number of pulses can be revolutions, the number of revolutions per unit time.

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3.Wireless burglar alarm. When the small magnet on the door and window approaches the Hall switch IC, the IC outputs a low level and V stops because there is no flat. However, when the door and window are displaced, the small magnet is separated from the IC, and V is biased by R2 to start the circuit. Outgoing radio alarm signal.

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