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Hall IC Usage Precautions

Jan. 08, 2018

1, Hall Effect IC use a wide range of voltage, but practical when the voltage should be low should not be high, usually in the 4.5-6V is appropriate, too high supply voltage will cause the temperature rise circuit instability.

2, The switch-type Hall IC drive load, the load current should be less than the load capacity of the Hall IC. Hall in order to make the output voltage amplitude, the general increase in the output resistor connected to the larger resistance.

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3, Hall IC drive load capacity is inductive, the output should be connected to continue flow diode.

4, Drive the different level of the load with the Hall IC load plus the best isolation and buffer level, the use of optocouplers or transistor level.

5, When the Hall IC signal is transmitted over long distances, a decoupling capacitor can be added between the switch output and ground to eliminate the interference pulse.

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