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Hall Effect Sensor Usage Precautions

Jan. 15, 2018

(1) In order to get better dynamic characteristics and sensitivity, we must pay attention to the primary coil and the secondary coil coupling, to be well coupled, it is best to use a single wire completely filled Hall sensor module aperture.

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(2) In most cases, Hall sensors have a strong anti-magnetic field interference ability. Usually in the distance between the module 5-10cm, there is a twice the current The generated magnetic field interference is negligible. But when there is a stronger magnetic interference, take appropriate measures to solve. The usual methods are:

① Adjust the direction of the module so that the impact of the external magnetic field on the module minimum.

② Add a mask on the module anti-magnetic field of the metal shield.

③Use with double Hall element or multi-Hall element power supply module repair.

(3) The best accuracy of the measurement is obtained at the rated value. For the best accuracy when the measured current is well below the rated value, multiple turns can be used on the primary side, that is: IpNp = rated ampere-turns. In addition, the primary feeder temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

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