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Hall Sensor is Widely Used

Apr. 08, 2018

As many people know, the higher the degree of automation in cars, the more microelectronic circuits are, and the more they are afraid of electromagnetic interference. In the car, there are many lamps and electrical devices, especially the headlights with large power, air conditioning motors and wiper motor will generate inrush current during switching, causing arcing of the mechanical switch contacts, resulting in greater electromagnetic interference signal.

Hall IC

Using power Hall IC switching circuits can reduce these phenomena.

For example, position, displacement, angle, angular velocity, rotation speed, etc., and these variables can be transformed twice; pressure, mass, liquid level, flow rate, flow, etc. can be measured.

The current Hall devices can withstand a certain degree of vibration, and can work in the range of minus 40°C to minus 150°C. All the seals are not contaminated by water and oil and can fully adapt to the harsh working environment of automobiles.

Hall sensors can measure arbitrary waveform currents and voltages, such as DC, AC, pulse waveforms, and even transient peak measurements.

There is a good electrical isolation between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit, and the isolation voltage can reach 9600Vrms.

We are reliable Hall IC supplier in China. We have exported our Hall IC products to all over the world.

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