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Main Characteristic Parameters of Hall Sensor

Apr. 03, 2018

Hall sensor main characteristic parameters are the following types.

(1) Input resistance R

(2) Output resistance R

It also changes with temperature changes. Selecting the appropriate load resistance is easy to match, which minimizes temperature-induced drift in the hydrodynamic potential.

(3) Maximum excitation current I - Hall sensor parameters

(4) Sensitivity K

Sensitivity KH=EH/IB, its value is about 10MV (MA.T).

Bipolar Hall IC, Linear Hall IC

(5) Maximum Magnetic Intensity BM---Hall Sensor Parameters

When the magnetic induction intensity exceeds BM, the nonlinear error of the Hall sensor potential will increase significantly, and the Tesla(T) becomes several thousand Gauss (Gs) (1Gs=104T).

(6) Equal potentials

At rated excitation current F, when the applied magnetic field is zero, it is an error due to the asymmetry of the geometry of the 4 positive poles.

(7) Hall sensor temperature ratio

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