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Application of Hall IC

Jan. 06, 2018

Hall ICs feature non-contact, no wear, no spark, low power consumption, long life, high sensitivity and high working frequency. They can work reliably and stably in various harsh environments. For switching Hall ICs, its most basic application is as a proximity switch, such as Hall contactless switches, limit switches, direction switches, pressure switches, tachometers, etc .; linear Hall ICs are available Non-contact ranging, non-contact potentiometer, brushless motor, Gauss meter for magnetic field measurement, magnetic inspection and so on.

Flow Meter Sensor

NANJING AH provides Hall IC products, Flow Meter Sensor, Hall Effect Sensor Circuit and others.

For switching Hall ICs, the output internally is typically open collector transistor or open emitter output form, so it can be easily paired with a variety of loads, such as direct-drive transistors, LEDs, optocouplers, single Bidirectional thyristors and small current relays, and TTL and CMOS digital circuits, PLC input port, solid state relays, all kinds of AC and DC electronic switch interface. FIG. 5 to FIG. 6 show various driving interface modes, wherein the Hall IC in FIG. 5 is an open collector output, and the Hall IC in FIG. 6 is an open emitter output form.

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