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What is the Resolution of the Sensor?

Aug 10, 2019

As a Flow Meter Sensor Factory, let's talk about the resolution of the Linear Hall Effect Sensor.

Resolution is the ability of the Linear Hall Effect Sensor to sense the smallest change being measured. That is, if the input varies slowly from some non-zero value. When the input change value does not exceed a certain value, the output of the sensor does not change, that is, the change in the sensor's input amount is not resolved. The output changes only when the input changes more than the resolution.

Usually, the Linear Hall Effect Sensor has different resolutions at various points in the full-scale range. Therefore, the maximum change value of the input amount that can make a step change in the output in the full-scale range is commonly used as an indicator for measuring the resolution.

Linear Hall Sensors

Linear Hall Sensors

If the above indicators are expressed as a percentage of full scale, they are called resolution. There is a negative correlation between resolution and sensor stability.

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