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China Linear Hall IC Supplier

Dec 20, 2017

AH is linear Hall IC supplier. Our factory is in China. We are one of the most earliest to search and develop linear hall IC in China. We often attend the trade fairs home and abroad. Welcome to contact us if you have any requirements or questions on linear hall IC. You are welcomed at any time.

China Linear Hall IC Supplier

The output voltage of a linear Hall is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field passing through itself. The output voltage rises or falls according to the polarity and intensity of the magnetic field. Through the change of the magnetic field intensity, the change data of the corresponding position can be obtained. The relationship between the output voltage and the polarity and intensity of the induced magnetic field is fixed, and is mainly used for displacement detection, accelerator pedal, speed regulation, pressure sensing, magnetic field detection.

AH is professional linear hall IC exporter. Pls feel free to contact us. Best price and service will give you.

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