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Magnetic Sensor Applications

Nov. 04, 2017

The most prominent feature of magnetic sensor applications is contactless measurement.

Hall element: magnetic field measurement, do Gaussian meter (Tesla meter) detection probe. Current detection, a current sensor / transmitter components. DC brushless motor for detecting rotor position and providing excitation signals. Speed / rpm measurement of integrated switching Hall devices.

Strong magnet film magnetoresistive devices: displacement sensors, mainly magnetic linear long-distance displacement measurement. Angular displacement sensor, the main term rotation angle measurement, widely used in automobile manufacturing industry. Pulse sensor, mainly used for traffic detection and speed / speed measurement, such as electronic water meter and flowmeter send the sensor.

Semiconductor magnetoresistive device: mainly weak magnetic field detection InSb magnetoresistive device, mainly used for counterfeit currency recognition pulse measurement, mainly used for speed / rpm measurement.

Magnetic sensor applications

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