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Application of Linear Hall Sensor

Apr. 20, 2018

Linear Hall sensors are mainly used for the measurement of some physical quantities.

1. Current sensor:

Because there is a magnetic field inside the energized solenoid, its size is proportional to the current in the conductor, so the Hall sensor can be used to measure the magnetic field to determine the current in the conductor.

Using this principle, a Hall current sensor can be designed. The advantage is that it does not make electrical contact with the circuit under test, does not affect the circuit under test, does not consume the power of the measured power supply, and is particularly suitable for large current sensing.

Linear Hall IC

2. Displacement measurement:

The two permanent magnets are placed opposite to each other, and the linear Hall sensor is placed in the middle. The magnetic induction intensity is zero. This point can be used as the zero point of the displacement. When the Hall sensor is used to make a △Z displacement on the Z axis, the sensor has A voltage output, the voltage magnitude is proportional to the size of the displacement distance.

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