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Application of Hall Switch Sensor

Apr. 24, 2018

Hall switch sensors are mainly used to measure the number of revolutions, speed, wind speed, flow rate, proximity switches, door closing informers, alarms, and automatic control circuits.

Hall Sensor

1. Measure speed or revolution:

A piece of magnet is glued on the side of the non-magnetic material disc. The Hall sensor is placed near the edge of the disc. The disc rotates once and the Hall sensor outputs a pulse, so that the revolution number (counter) can be measured. Into the frequency meter, you can measure the speed.

If the switch type Hall sensor is regularly arranged on the track at a predetermined position, a pulse signal can be measured from the measurement circuit when a permanent magnet mounted on the moving vehicle passes through it. The speed of the vehicle can be measured based on the distribution of the pulse signal.

2. Various practical circuits:

Switch Hall sensors are widely used due to their small size, wide operating voltage range, reliable operation, and low price.

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