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Application of Hall Element on Smart Toilet

Nov. 14, 2017

Smart toilets are mainly used in the medical and geriatric health care industries. With the improvement of people's living quality and production technology, smart toilets have been gradually improved from the original warm water wash function to the current toilet seat cover and warm water wash , Warm air drying, sterilization and other functions of the smart toilet. So smart toilets are now more and more commonly used in home life.

Smart toilets have 2 parts depending on the function that will be used for the Hall element, one part being a flush part and one part being a water flow control part.

Intelligent toilet water flow control is relatively simple, the magnet embedded in the turbine blades, the water flow through the blades when the blades on the magnet rotation, Hall according to the detected signal sent to the magnetic field control system to calculate the amount of traffic. Intelligent toilet water flow calculation components. Their characteristics of high frequency, small size, good stability, the use of intelligent toilet is ideal.

The simplest toilet flushing function, the key element is Hall. Hall installed in the brushless DC motor, the motor speed to detect, so as to control the rotation of the nozzle to achieve the goal of flushing. The principle is that when Hall detects the motor speed reaches the set number of times, the feedback signal to the control system, turn off the solenoid valve, stop flushing, to complete the flushing.

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