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What is a Gear Sensor?

Nov. 11, 2017

What is a gear sensor?  

“Gear Position Sensor” to detect the shift position. Generally, a device called “transmission” is mounted on the vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, which run on the engine power. The transmission is the device which keeps rotating speed of the engine within proper range by the combination of the gears.  

Gear Sensor

What does the transmission output sensor do?  

There are generally two speed sensors that work in conjunction to provide accuratetransmission data to the vehicle's powertrain control module. ... As described, thissensor is used to monitor the speed of the transmission' input shaft. The othersensor is the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor.  

What is the function of the transmission control module?  

A transmission control unit or TCU is a device that controls modern electronic automatic transmissions.The modern automatic transmission is now able to achieve better fuel economy, reduced engine emissions, greater shift system reliability, improved shift feel, improved shift speed and improved vehicle handling. 

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