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How Magnetic Switch Works?

Oct. 23, 2018

First developed in the 1930s, Magnetic Switch operate like relays, closing an electric contact in the presence of a magnetic field. Unlike relays, magnetic buttons are sealed in glass. Benefits of Hall Magnetic Switch above conventional relays comprise lower contact resistance, faster shifting speed and more lifetime. Since they're sealed, magnetic buttons remove sparking risks in flammable or explosive environments.

Magnetic Switch Manufacturer tell you its principle, among those connections from the glass capsule is made from a magnetic substance; another is non-magnetic. An area magnetic field by an electromagnet or permanent magnet brings you contact contrary to the other, closing the change. When you eliminate the magnetic field, the spring activity at the rigid metallic contacts opens the link. Since the lean contacts have reduced mass, they could function up to ten times faster than traditional relays with similar evaluations. 

Magnetic Switch

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