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Application Of Hall Sensor In Electric Toy Switch

Oct. 26, 2018

In electric toys, the operating voltage of DC motors is relatively low. Most of the time, low-power Bipolar Hall IC are used. The characteristics Bipolar Hall IC are N. The S pole detects the magnetic field and is therefore often used in switches.

Bipolar Hall YS4913.YS1251, YS1253 is a Hall element that is often used in electric toy switches. It is an Latch Hall Switch IC based on mixed-signal CMOS technology. YS4913 provides better accurate magnetics. The switching point thus uses advanced chopper stabilization technology, which enhances the response speed as a switch and also eliminates parameter drift due to temperature rise. YS4913 has high sensitivity, high stability, low power, and supports battery or mobile power supply, greatly improving the service life.

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