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Two Types Of Hall Effect Sensor

Oct. 17, 2018

The simple Hall Element of the Magnetic Sensor largely provides very compact voltage of just a couple micro liter each Gauss, so consequently these devices are often fabricated with built in gain amplifiers.

There are two sorts of Hall Effect Sensor, one supplying analog and another electronic output signal. The analog detector consists of a voltage regulator, a Hall Element along with an amplifier.  the output signal of this detector is analog and relegated into the Hall Element output signal or the magnetic field power. These kind of Analog Devices Hall Effect Sensor is appropriate and used for quantifying proximity due to their constant linear output.

On the other hand, the Output Switch Type Hall Sensor provide two output conditions, either"ON" or"OFF". These kind of Micropower Hall Sensor have an extra component, as exemplified in the circuit schematics. That is the Schmitt Trigger that offers hysteresis or 2 distinct thresholds levels so that the output is high or low.

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