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2 Types Of Hall Sensors

Aug. 21, 2018

Hall Sensors are classified into Linear Hall Sensors and Switch Hall Sensors.

(1) The switching Hall sensor consists of a voltage regulator, a Hall element, a differential amplifier, a Schmitt trigger and an output stage, which outputs a digital quantity. Switch-type Hall sensors also have a special form called a lock-type Hall sensor.

(2) The Linear Hall Sensor consists of a Hall element, a linear amplifier, and an emitter follower, which outputs an analog quantity.

Linear Hall sensors can be divided into open loop and closed loop. The closed-loop Hall sensor is also called a zero-flux Hall sensor. Linear Hall sensors are mainly used for AC and DC current and voltage measurements. 

Hall devices have many advantages, they are solid in structure, small in size, light in weight, long in life, easy to install, low in power consumption, high in frequency (up to 1 MHZ), resistant to vibration, not afraid of dust, oil, water vapor and salt spray,contaminated or corroded.

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