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The Future Development Trend Of Hall Sensor

Dec. 07, 2018

Hall Sensor is the world's third-largest sensor product, which is widely used in industrial, automotive, computer, mobile and emerging consumer electronics. In the next few years, as more and more automotive electronics and industrial design companies move to China, Hall sensors' annual sales in the Chinese market will maintain a high growth rate of 20% to 30%. At the same time, the related technologies of Hall Effect Sensor are still being improved, and programmable Hall sensors, intelligent Hall sensors and micro Hall sensors will have better market prospects.

With the development of the industrial Internet of Things, the Linear Hall Sensor has more and more space to play, but its stability and safety requirements are also higher. After all, the industry is different from the consumer field, and the machine is not allowed to suddenly power off or stop running. According to market demand, the future Hall sensor will be smaller, so that it can meet more application fields and be intelligent, so as to meet the Internet of Things needs in the era of big data.

Hall Sensor

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