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Five Development trends In Hall Effect Sensor 1

Dec. 07, 2018

In industrial and automotive applications, Hall Effect Sensor first meet the requirements of industrial or automotive certification for devices such as safety, stability and temperature range to the appropriate level. With the continuous development of these terminal applications, Hall Sensor also show five Development trends:

The first is the trend of miniaturization. Many Hall sensors on the market use a variety of small packages. Recently, Maxim announced that it will introduce a Micropower Hall Sensor in μCSP package. which is only 1mm × 1mm, which is very suitable for small space applications, such as mobile phones, gaps in motors, etc. .

The second is high integration. Currently, Hall sensors have become smart sensors. "For example, Hall Sensor Manufacturer have basically integrated various protection circuits and compensation circuits and converters into Hall sensors." "In order to implement programmable Hall sensors, Hall Sensor Suppliers will use EEROM (Electrically Erasable Read Only Memory). Integration is also a trend. He added that domestic demand is moving toward high-end programmable Hall sensors because programmable Hall sensors can reduce the failure rate of customers' production processes, shorten production cycles, and increase production. The efficiency is so popular with customers.

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