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Application Of Hall Sensor On Frequency Converter

Nov. 28, 2018

In the above two articles, the Hall Effect Sensor applications for industrial and Taxi Meters is summarized. Next, Hall Sensor Suppliers will give you a detailed description of how the application works on the inverter.

A magnetic field is induced around a wire through which a current flows, and a Hall device is used to detect the magnetic field induced by the current, and the magnitude of the current generating the magnetic field can be measured. This makes it possible to form a Hall current and a voltage sensor. Because the output voltage of the Hall device is proportional to the product of the magnetic induction applied to it and the operating current flowing through it, it is a device with a multiplier function, and can directly interface with various logic circuits, and can also be directly driven. Loads of various natures. Because the application principle of the Hall device is simple, the signal processing is convenient, and the device itself has a series of unique advantages, it also plays a very important role in the inverter.

In frequency converters, the main role of Hall Sensor is to protect expensive high power transistors. Since the response time of the Hall current sensor is shorter than 1μs, when an overload short circuit occurs, the power supply can be cut off before the transistor reaches the limit temperature, so that the transistor can be reliably protected.

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