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Unipolar Hall IC


    Features and Benefits

    Rated working voltage 4.5 V ~ 24 V, the limit voltages as low as 3.5 V; 

    Operating temperature range: -40~ 150

    Rated output current(sink) : 25 mA, the maximum output current(sink): 50 mA 

    Switch response time is about 1μs, the operating frequency DC ~ 100 kHz; 

    Small temperature drift between operating point and release point; 

    There are variety of packages and out packing options; 

    No mechanical contact, no spark, switch signal stability, no shaking moment, high  reliability and safety; 

    Products meet the EU RoHS instruction 2011/65 / EU and REACH regulations  1907/2006 / EU requirements


General Description

Hall sensor AH543 is one of unipolar excitation single-ended digital output Hall IC.

The sensor chip has built-in reverse voltage protection, voltage regulators, temperature compensation circuit, Hall-voltage generator, signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger and open collector output driver circuit unit etc. 

Excellent voltage regulator and temperature compensation circuit ensure the sensor stable operates over a wide voltage range and temperature range, and the reverse voltage protection circuit avoids the sensor to be damaged  by reverse voltage. 


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