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What are the Common Types of Hall Sensors?

Mar. 10, 2021

As a Hall Sensor Supplier, share with you.

As for the type, the editor intends to take an actual model as the starting point.  There should be quite a lot of them on the market. In terms of working principle, there are two types: switch type and lock. 

Switch type:

Take this Hall sensor as an example. The magnetic field strength of the S pole triggers the sensor output level to decrease. When the S pole magnetic field strength is lower than Brp, the sensor output voltage will become high level. It becomes the N pole, and the output state of the Hall sensor is still high, so even the reverse magnetic pole will not change the state of the Hall sensor.

Key lock type:

Therefore, for this type of Hall sensor, when the magnetic field strength B>Bop, the Hall output state will change to low level. To make the Hall signal output state change to high level, a reverse direction must be applied. The magnetic field, and the value of the magnetic field strength B should be greater than Brp, otherwise, it will remain in the original output state.

Omnipolar Micropower Hall Effect Sensor

Omnipolar Micropower Hall Effect Sensor

Maybe you will be surprised that this one is not the same as the one above? Look carefully, it is different. The difference is in the label of the N pole. The first N is superscripted, and the second is not, because the second N pole is necessary, otherwise there will be no change in the Hall output signal.

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