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Demystifying The Working Principle Of Pressure Sensor 2

May 16, 2019

As a China Encoder Manufacturer, let's talk about how different sensors work.

3. Diffused silicon pressure sensor: The working principle of diffused silicon pressure sensor is also based on the piezoresistive effect. Using the principle of piezoresistive effect, the pressure of the measured medium directly acts on the diaphragm of the sensor (stainless steel or ceramic) to make the diaphragm and the medium. The micro-displacement proportional to the pressure changes the resistance value of the sensor, detects this change using an electronic circuit, and converts a standard measurement signal corresponding to this pressure.

Linear Sensor

4. Sapphire Pressure Sensor: Using strain-resistive operation, silicon-sapphire is used as a semiconductor sensor with unparalleled metrology. Therefore, semiconductor sensitive components made of silicon-sapphire are insensitive to temperature changes, and have excellent operating characteristics even under high temperature conditions; sapphire has extremely strong radiation resistance; in addition, silicon-sapphire semiconductor sensitive components, P-n drift.

5. Piezoelectric pressure sensor: The piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of the piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor cannot be used for static measurement, because the electric charge after external force is saved only when the loop has an infinite input impedance. . This is not the case, so this determines that the piezoelectric sensor can only measure dynamic stresses.

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