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What Is a Hall Sensor?

Jun. 28, 2019

The Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor that is fabricated according to the Hall effect. Hall was invented in 1879 when studying metal conduction mechanisms, and this effect was found in both conductive fluids and semiconductors. It is widely used in detection technology, information processing and industrial automation technology. Hall IC has many characteristics. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, low in power consumption, high in frequency and long in life. It is resistant to vibration, water vapor, salt spray and dust.

Hall IC

Hall Effect Technology has a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, taxis, and frequency converters, including automotive body power control, anti-lock braking systems and traction control. The taxi is mainly used for the meter on the taxi. According to the sensor on the loading wheel, the mileage can be calculated. The inverter is mainly used to protect the high-power transistor in the inverter. When a short circuit occurs, the power supply will be cut off in time to protect the transistor.

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