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Odometer Sensor Detection Method

Jun. 09, 2018

The odometer sensor is generally Hall Effect Sensor. You can use a multimeter to test resistance, or test continuity.

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We, one of the best hall sensor suppliers in China, will share you two ways of odometer sensor detection methods:

1. Remove the speed sensor connector plug and check the resistance value of the two lead wires of the sensor with the table resistor resistance, which should meet the standard requirements.

2. Rotate the output shaft of the transmission and use an automobile oscilloscope to detect the signal voltage waveform between the two leads of the speed sensor. The waveform is alternating current. The amplitude and frequency of the waveform increase with the speed of the output shaft. This indicates that the sensor performance is good.

Nowadays, the odometer sensors are mostly electronic components. The odometer sensors generally have three wires, red, black (or orange), green (or other colors), red power cables, and black (or orange) ground cables. The other is a signal line that is connected to the instrument.

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