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Find Your Match: Custom Magnetic Sensor Selection And Style Guide(1)

Jul. 17, 2018

This guide will discuss four important parameters which design engineers must consider when setting up a custom detector: mechanical, environmental, electric, and magnetic. These guidelines are particularly helpful since they can be implemented to any magnetic detection program between reed switches or Hall Effect sensors


There are numerous environmental factors which could affect the functioning of the magnetic detector. Knowing the ramifications of each one is going to assist the engineer take precautions to guarantee the integrity of their circuit layout.

Infection & Humidity

Storage and operating temperatures which exceed +100°C could hamper the operation of the detector and magnet. When the highest temperature value is surpassed, the detector loses its calibration and won't respond correctly to the magnetic field.Humidity greatly impacts the choice of the magnetic substance and the prospective coating, if needed, for your magnet. Some magnet materials like neodymium are extremely sensitive to moisture and may disintegrate since the iron dissipates with moisture.

These ought to be reviewed carefully. Reed switches could be negatively influenced by high G forces and may call for particular orientation of the blades.

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