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The Internal Structure Of The Switching Hall

Jul. 25, 2018

Switching hall includes Unipolar Hall, bipolar hall and full-pole hall. A switching hall consists of a regulating circuit, a hall generator, a signal amplifier and a digital output stage.

1. Regulating circuit: the regulating circuit has two functions, one is the reverse protection function, that is, when the input terminal of hall is suddenly applied a reverse voltage or the hall wire is connected with the reverse, hall can still maintain the normal working state. The other function is to stabilize the voltage circuit and keep the voltage in a safe range.

2. Hall generator: from several uV to several mV according to different requirements.

3. Signal amplifier: signal amplifier has the function of amplifying hall's output analog signal and magnetic threshold detection, that is, the signal is converted to digital signal according to the preset BOP or BRP.

4. Digital output level: connect the collector open-circuit output to the external interface, which can interface with TTL and CMOS circuit.

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