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How Wiegand Sensors Work?

Mar 19, 2019

Wiegand Sensor was invented in 1974 and is suitable for electronic water meters / heat meters / gas meters / oil meters and other instruments.

Wiegand Sensor

Wiegand Sensor Manufacturer said In an alternating magnetic field, when a magnetic field of a certain polarity (for example, an N pole) of a parallel sensitive wire reaches a trigger magnetic induction intensity, the magnetic domain in the sensitive wire is excited to move, and the magnetization direction is instantaneously turned to the same direction while being in the sensitive wire. The magnetic field in the surrounding space also changes instantaneously, thereby inducing an electrical pulse in the induction coil. Thereafter, if the magnetic field is weakened, the magnetization direction of the sensitive filament will remain stable, and the induction coil also has an electrical pulse output; but when the opposite polarity (S pole) magnetic field enhances the magnetic induction intensity, the magnetization direction of the sensitive filament instantaneously reverses, and An electrical pulse in the opposite direction is induced in the induction coil. Repeatedly, the Wiegand sensor converts the magnetic signal of the alternating magnetic field into a transmutation signal.

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