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Hall Effect Sensors- Which Is Best for Your Design?

Mar. 11, 2019

Hall Effect Sensors are Utilized in a Wide Selection of applications, Such as factory and process automation; Construction, home, and office automation; Clinical Programs; Freedom and robotics controls; farming and heavy machines; backyard and power tools; and household items like washing machines, tumble dryers, induction stoves, and heating and cooling (HVAC) systems. With possible applications in so many programs and lots of kinds of Hall detectors available, we're often asked which is best at a given layout.

Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Switches Turn On or Off Based On Fixed Threshold Level Comparisons

Linear Hall Sensors Provide Proportional Outputs Based On Magnetic Field Strength

Direct Angle Sensors Compare Signals Along More than One Plane

When designing Hall Sensors into software, price is an obvious consideration. Prices can fluctuate based on lots of variables. These can include:

Type of sensor


Features and options

Pin types 


Temperature ranges 

Package configurations 

Packaging method

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