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Height Sensor Measures Aircraft Flight Altitude

May 31, 2019

As a China Encoder Manufacturer, let's share with you the application of height sensors in measuring the flight height of aircraft.

The altimeter is an important sensor in the aircraft and plays an important role in the safe flight and autonomous control of the aircraft. Here is a helicopter. The vertical control of the helicopter is achieved by controlling the lift of the main rotor. The height information and vertical speed information of the vertical control comes from the height sensor, which records the air pressure of the ground and compares it with the flight pressure value of the helicopter. The higher the pressure, the lower the pressure, and the difference between the two can be used to calculate the current height of the helicopter.

Linear Sensor

Through the change in height, the vertical speed can be calculated. However, once the height sensor fails, the vertical control system of the unmanned helicopter will have problems, leading to serious accidents.

In addition to the above examples, the sensor applications on the aircraft include: temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the aircraft engine, temperature and humidity sensor to measure the temperature and humidity inside the aircraft, oil level sensor to measure the oil level in the mailbox, acceleration sensor and speed sensor measurement Acceleration and speed of aircraft flight, smoke sensors for smoke alarms, ultrasonic sensors to monitor aircraft position, and inertial sensors.

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