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Hall's Practical Application in A Laptop

Mar. 26, 2018

Laptop is a small, portable personal computer. And desktop computers have a similar structure, but has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry.

Hall IC

In the laptop, Hall IC is mainly used to detect the screen when the computer flip light, off the situation. Generally use all-pole Hall. In most cases, a magnet is installed in the laptop's display and a Hall element (Hall sensor) is installed in the corresponding part of the main body of the unit. When the screen is opened, the magnet is away from the Hall element and the computer is working properly. When the screen is closed, the magnet approaches the Hall element. The magnetic field around the Hall begins to change. The notebook screen goes off and the computer goes to sleep.

In the notebook to install Hall elements to detect changes in the screen, in order to determine the working status of the computer can effectively reduce the power consumption of the machine.

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