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Hall's Application In Household Dishwashers

Jun. 20, 2018

Household dishwashers are one of modern smart appliances. The structure of the dishwasher is mainly composed of: an outer box body, an inner box body, a dish rack, an injection structure, an impeller or a spray arm, a motor, a washing pump, a drainage pump, a program controller, a pressure switch, a solenoid valve, a heater and the like.

Hall IC

According to the washing method, it can be divided into two types: nozzle type dishwasher and impeller type dishwasher. The common principle of the washing principles of the two dishwashers is to use a motor to drive the washing pump or the impeller to rotate, so that the water stream can be used to wash the dishes with strong force to achieve the purpose of washing.

The Hall element plays a role of position commutation in the motor. When the rotor in the motor passes through the Hall element, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet rotor causes the energized Hall element to output the voltage, the circuit is turned on, and the power is supplied to the corresponding stator winding, thereby generating a magnetic field with the same polarity as the magnetic field to repel the rotor.

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