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Features of Wiegand Sensor

Jan 23, 2018

Wiegand sensor was invented in 1974, suitable for electronic water meter / calorimeter / gas meter / oil meter and other instruments.

Wiegand Sensor

Features of Wiegand Sensor

First, Wiegand sensor for passive components, work without additional working power.

Second, the magnetic pole to trigger the work, triggering a change in the magnetic field polarity, Wiegand sensor synchronous output of a positive and negative pulse signal, amplitude greater than 1V;

Third, the output signal amplitude and magnetic field has nothing to do with the rate of change, enabling "zero speed" sensor.

Fourth, non-contact, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, the service life of more than 2 billion times.

Fifth, Wiegand output signal can be used telephone lines, coaxial remote transmission.

Application of Wiegand Sensor

First, for the counting sensor, suitable for micro-power intelligent flow meter, such as electronic water meter / calorimeter / gas meter / oil meter.

Second, as an electronic switch, suitable for intelligent toys, access control and other automatic.

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