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Advantages of Wiegand Sensor

Jan. 25, 2018

We have known the features of Wiegand Sensor in last news. Now let’s look at its advantages of Wiegand sensor.

Among the other types of magnetosensitive sensors (Hall devices, reed switches, semiconductor magnetoresistors, magneto diodes, induction coils), none of these can behave like a Wiegand sensor with the following advantages:

1. Without power, you can output 3 ~ 5V voltage pulse, can directly drive the microprocessor.

2. In the frequency range of 0 ~ 20kHz, the output voltage pulse amplitude and width (about 20μs) constant, does not change with the relative velocity between the sensor and the permanent magnet, enabling ultra-low speed ("zero speed") detection.

Wiegand Sensor

3. The working distance between the sensor and the permanent magnet is large, which can reach 15㎜ and the output is not less than 3V; when it is 30㎜, it can still output more than 100mV.

4. Wide operating temperature range of -196 ℃ ~ +300 ℃.

In addition it is when the external excitation magnetic field polarity changes, the sensor output a pulse signal, this feature makes the Wiegand sensor in engineering applications is not unstable critical state, enhanced anti-interference ability; output pulse amplitude and The width is independent of the relative speed of movement between the sensor and the external magnet and remains constant.

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