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Sensor Solutions Hall Effect Sensors and Supporting Products

Aug. 07, 2018

From Hall Effect Sensor to Magnetic Switch to Gear Sensors, Sensor Solutions offers over 6,000 unique magnetic sensors and accessories. Our digital switches and Output Switch Type Hall Sensor are designed to measure speed, proximity, position, alignment and more.  As a Hall Sensor Suppliers, we design and build custom sensors for nearly every industry, including OEM applications, reverse engineer OEM replacement sensors, and provide one-off sensor solutions when appropriate. We proudly manufacture all sensors in China, at our facility in Nanjing,China and serve customers around the world. Browse our catalog, request a quote, or contact our Applications Engineers to discuss your sensing requirements today!

As an OEM Hall Sensor Manufacturer, AH Electronic Science & Technology's in-house machine shop, coil winding operation and electronics fabrication give us one of the most cost effective and fastest design to production turn around time available, helping you accelerate your sensor implementation.

AH Electronic Science & Technology's custom engineering services fulfill your speed sensor development requirements. Rely on AH Electronic Science & Technology to improve the design of your currently installed speed sensor.

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