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Hall Effect Sensor Design Tips

Sep. 27, 2018

As part of the automotive industry, Hall Effect Sensor are used to detect end positions or measure linear or angular motion in a wide range of applications such as chassis, safety, body, power and power transmission. At present, an important topic in the research and development of leading automotive industry is functional safety. Functional safety affects the design and functional settings of all application system components, including Hall sensors.

Due to the non-contact measurement principle and high reliability of Linear Hall Sensor, sensing solutions implemented with Hall sensors have become the first choice in many applications.

In order to achieve ever-increasing safety and reliability characteristics, the highest precision of the switching threshold becomes the basic parameter of the Latch Hall Switch IC specification.

There are two sources of jitter in the Hall switch. First, the thermal noise of the Hall plate and the threshold noise caused by signal processing; second, the sampling results in system-specific sampling jitter. 

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