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The Advantage Of Hall Effect Sensor

Oct. 12, 2018

Hall Effect Sensor is a transducer that changes its output signal voltage in reaction to some magnetic field. Hall effect sensors are utilized for proximity shifting, placement, speed detection, and current sensing programs. And including Latch Type Hall Sensor , Linear Hall Sensor.

A Hall Effect Sensor may function as an electronic switch.

This type of change costs under a mechanical change and is significantly more reliable.

Latch Hall Switch IC may be operated at higher frequencies compared to a mechanical turn.

It doesn't suffer from contact bounce because a solid state switch with hysteresis can be used instead of a mechanical touch.

It won't be impacted by environmental contaminants because the sensor is in a sealed package. For that reason, it may be used under severe conditions.

Can quantify a wide Selection of magnetic fields

Can be obtained that can quantify either South or North pole magnetic areas

Can be  flat

Hall Effect Sensor

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