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2 Reasons To Choose Induction Over Hall Effect Sensors

Sep. 01, 2018

Hall Effect Sensor are a well-established non-contact detector alternative for many demanding and arduous software. Utilizing semiconductor Hall processors and a magnet attached to a rotating shaft or push pole, the output signal in response to the proximity of the magnet varies and its position can, consequently, be quantified.

1. Because the Inductive sensor is an actual solid-state device, it has no moving parts, bearings or shaft that requires sealing which can subsequently wear or fail. This usually means the inductive device can be set up in the most difficult of environments in which water, dirt, grease, grit, sand and vibration can be encountered which may cause premature failure of mechanical elements.

2. Similarly, since the Hall IC  utilizes a magnet as its actuator, this makes it vulnerable to interference in magnetised metalwork and electronics, undermining its performance. This susceptibility to magnetic interference isn't shared with the inductive detector, again enhancing its suitability for challenging environments and reliable operation.

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