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Sensor Sensitivity

Jul 23, 2019

Flow Meter Sensor Factory to share the knowledge of sensors. Sensitivity refers to the ratio of the output change Δy to the input change Δx under steady-state operation. It is the slope of the output-input characteristic curve. Sensitivity S is a constant if there is a linear relationship between the output and the input of the sensor. Otherwise, it will change as the amount of input changes. The dimension of sensitivity is the ratio of the dimensions of the output and the input.

Linear Hall Sensors

For example, for a displacement sensor, when the displacement changes by 1 mm and the output voltage changes to 200 mV, the sensitivity should be expressed as 200 mV/mm. When the output of the sensor and the amount of input are the same, the sensitivity can be understood as a magnification. Increase the sensitivity and get higher measurement accuracy. However, the higher the sensitivity, the narrower the measurement range and the worse the stability.

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